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     Each semester WI2STEM sponsor's individuals from the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines to come and speak at Clayton State University (CSU). The purpose behind this is to give students a better understanding of their chosen fields while offering them an opportunity to network, ask field specific questions, and prepare for life after CSU.

     This semester we intend to have some amazing speakers. They're names and speaking dates will be posted as soon as we get final confirmation from their offices. Their names will also be added to the events calendar.

     In the last year we have been fortunate enough to have three speakers, Brigadier General Djuric of the United States Air Force, Dr. Sandea Greene-Harris of South Atlanta Neurosurgery, and Chad McDonald of the Center for Disease Control. Each of the speakers offered an interesting insight into their everyday lives, giving students the opportunity to know what to expect when they enter the workforce.

 To learn more about our previous speaker's visit, please click on their picture posted on the left.


          Brigadier General Djuric           United States Air Force


        Dr. Sandea Greene-Harris         South Atlanta Neurosurgery


    Chad McDonald         Center for Disease Control