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1 – The purpose of The Scene is to bring bright minded Clayton State University students together that share a common interest in FASHION, STYLE, and MUSIC.


2 – Helping our community by volunteering our services to those in need.



Membership of this organization is open to Clayton State University students, facility, and staff.



Duties and Powers:


The officers of the organizations shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.


President – The duties of the president shall be but not limited to:

            1 – Lead organizer in all events

            2 – Call special meetings


Vice President – The duties of the vice president shall be but not limited to:

            1 – To perform all duties of the president in his/her absence.

            2 – Assist president as needed.

            3 – To serve as program chairman



Secretary – The duties of the secretary shall be but not limited to:

1 – To keep an accurate, permanent record of the minutes and proceedings of the organization.

2 – To take charge of all correspondence to make necessary reports.

3 – To perform the duties of the president and vice president in their absence



Treasurer – The duties of the treasurer shall be but not limited to:

            1 – To keep an accurate and complete record of all monetary transactions.

            2 – Disburse fund money in accordance with the regulations of the university.



Election of Officers:


The officers shall be elected at the start of the second semester of The Scene’s first year. Elections will be held at the next to the last regular meeting of the academic year.


a.       Qualifications necessary to hold office:

1 – Must have a minimum 2.3 GPA

2 – Must be a member of The Scene for a minimum of one semester

3 – Must have a minimum of 5 community service hours per semester.

b.   The candidates shall be nominated into office by majority (50% + 1) of the   

      Scene’s members

c.       Voting shall be done by a ballot standing vote.

d.      A candidate must receive majority vote (50% + 1) to be elected into position.



Officer Replacement:


If an officer does not fulfill their obligations, they me be terminated from their position, in the event an Officer resigns from their position all members of The Scene shall cast a ballot vote for the most qualified individual to fit the position.



Dues for The Scene will be collected Semi – Annually and will be determined at the first meeting of the semester.



The Scene shall meet twice a month and exact days shall be determined in accordance to Members availability



The organization will have an advisor and a co-advisor. The advisors will be non-voting participants in the organization. The advisors will serve as adult chaperones that will work together with the officers to coordinate events and address concerns and questions as needed, in the event, the primary advisor leaves the organization, he/she shall be replaced by the co-advisor. If the co-advisor is unable to fulfill his or her obligations as primary advisor, the organization will cast a vote to elect a new primary advisor.


The Scene does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, religion, creed, color, handicap, disability, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, or sexual orientation.


The Scene will not participate or practice in any physical or psychological forms of hazing. Members are free to discontinue their membership without undue pressure or interference.


A proposed amendment may be submitted by any active member. The proposed amendment shall be present in writing and will be voted upon in the following meeting in ballot form. The constitution may be amended by a majority membership (50% + 1) of the organization.