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The Scene Officials

The President

Shirell Harry

Shirell Harry is the current President of The Scene, as well as it's founder. Shirell is currently a Junior at Clayton State University and is a Middle School Education major. As President, Shirell acts as lead organizer of all events.

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The Vice President

Jessica Rameau

Jessica Rameau is the current Vice President of The Scene. Jessica is a Junior at Clayton State University and majors in Nursing. As a Vice President, Jessica performs all the duties of the President in her absence and also serves as program chairman.

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The Secretary

Whitlie Irving

Whitlie Irving is the current Secretary for The Scene. Whitlie is a Junior at Clayton Staten University and is a Nursing and Pre-Law major. As Secretary, Whitlie is responsible to keep an accurate, permanent record of the minutes and the proceeding of the organization. Whitlie also acts as the President in the absence of both the President and Vice President.

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The Treasurer

Tina Young

Tina Young is the current Treasurer of The Scene. Tina is Currently a Sophomore at Clayton State University and is a Psychology Major. As the Treasurer, Tina is responsible for all monetary transactions and to disperse fund money with the regulations of the University

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Website Coordinator

Darren Neal

Darren Neal is the website coordinator for The Scene. Darren is currently a sophomore at Claytons State University and is a pre-business major. Darren is responsible for the maintaining of The Scene's various websites as well as managing the mailing list.

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Official The Scene Members

Seth Nartey
Ayandra Rothwell
Preston Myers
Joe Oginni
Keon Grant
Cynthia Lewis
Sarah Obi
Jonas Ulysse
Barbara Rodriguez
Keisha Dewberry
DJ Teknology
Winifred Nwanze
Sharonda Longino