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About Us  

Each meeting, we will discuss new and exciting topics in our ever evolving culture. Topics consist of FASHION, STYLE, MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT, CURRENT EVENTS, DATING, etc. The Scene represents the voice of OUR generation, full of diversity and style. As members of The Scene, we will reinvent our image in society as more than irresponsible and arrogant cohorts. The Scene will embody ideal leaders. We are the future of tomorrow!

Community Service:
As club members we will contribute a portion of our time to those that are less fortunate. This time may seem minor to you, yet tremendously appreciated to those in need of support.

Additional Activities:

  • Special Events-Special events may include guest speakers, game nights, pillow talks, trips, etc.
  • Discussions-During discussions, all opinions will be appreciated and respected. Each member is a valuable asset to The Scene. (As members we will be courteous to ALL opinions)
  • Fundraisers-Our fundraisers are essential to The Scene. (Funds are not currently provided by CSU)