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                              Veritas vos Liberabit

                    "The Truth Shall Make You Free"

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The Clayton State University Philosophy Society is dedicated to promoting student discussion and analysis of philosophy and its importance. We work closely with the Philosophy Professors in the Humanities Department to organize, promote, and fund events. Our regularly scheduled activities include weekly student discussions of issues in philosophy and the support of an annual conference of philosophy.

Our members are both casually and formally interested in philosophy — the ideas, traditions, literary works and lives of the great thinkers of the world, and the questions that drove them and still drive us to this day. To be a member, there is no form or examination — we invite all who are intrigued by the tough questions in life, and the fascinating relationships between people, places, and things that compel us to pursue our education.

While philosophers follow the strictest laws of logic and formal reasoning, in conversation they are much like us, a community of inquirers exchanging thoughts on life’s questions.  We meet to informally discuss philosophical topics (broadly conceived), with club members, and sometimes faculty or guests, leading discussion or making presentations.  Discussion is often fluid, and we may begin on one topic and end on another, following the questions and interests of those present.

The topics we discuss encompass a broad range of philosophically related subjects, from metaphysics and epistemology to political philosophy and, maybe more importantly, to the intersection of philosophy and other disciplines. New ideas are always very welcome. Please stop by and say hello at one of our meetings, or send our officers an e-mail for more information!

This Website exists to provide you with information about the Philosophy Society within the Humanities Department at Clayton State University. Our goal is to make this site informative so that you can plan your attendance at (and contribute to!) the various functions and events scheduled during the course of the academic year. Links to the Professors’ websites are posted for ease of access to their valuable knowledge and syllabi. 

Contact Information

Justin Agan

Clayton State University

Philosophy Society

Morrow, Georgia