Chapter History

The night was clear and cool when Lambda Sigma Chapter of Atlanta conducted its first interest meeting on the campus of Clayton College & State University. The intake team of Lambda Sigma Chapter including the 28th International President Hon. Bro. William Stanley, Lambda Sigma President Bro. Jeff Kindle, Lambda Sigma Vice President Bro. Art Terry, Bro. Eric Philips of Lambda Sigma Chapter, Southern Region Director of Publicity Bro. Carlos Williams II, Regional Legal Counsel Bro. Darrell Reynolds, and Lambda Sigma Chapter Secretary Bro. Robert Eason came together to introduce our great fraternity to the student body. The interest meeting was conducted in room 222 of the student center. A number of young men attended but when the smoke cleared there were only 4 remaining who would make the journey into the light of Sigma to be recorded in history as the first official brothers made at the institution as the charter line of the future chapter. These brothers are:

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§        Bro. Jamal Stroizer

§        Bro. Cedric Roberts

§        Bro. Jeron Glass

§        Bro. Donald Wortham


These charter members were a part of a larger line named “The Blue Cartel.” They were initiated June 14, 2001 by Lambda Sigma Chapter. The entire line is:

1. Bro. Jamal Stroizer - Solitude

2. Bro. Ronnie Norman – Soulful

3. Bro. Cedric Roberts - Outkast

4. Bro. Samuel Gardner - Platinum

5. Bro. Jeron Glass - Suave

6. Bro. Donald Wortham - Reality

7. Bro. Kegan McIntosh - Professor

8. Bro. Tyrone Blackwell - Capone

 There were a number of Sigma brothers already attending the school but only one was worthy to be a charter member of the new chapter. He was a collegiate that transferred from an already great chapter who could bring greatly needed chapter experience as a charter member. This brother, Bro. Alexander Clark of Pi Rho Chapter at Georgia Southern University became a member of Lambda Sigma Chapter temporarily to assist in the initiation of these new brothers, after which he transferred into the new chapter as a charter member with the initial four.

 An interesting fact is atleast a year before, Bro. Robert Eason of Lambda Sigma Chapter approached the school administration with the intent of initiating new brothers for a new chapter, he made contact with Donald Wortham, a football player who transferred to Clayton College & State University from the State University of West Georgia. He was planning to pledge Sigma there before his transfer to Clayton State. He made contact with Bro. Eason and for some unforeseen reasons they lost contact. Once Bros Jeff Kindle, Art Terry and Carlos Williams established an official relationship with the school’s Director of Student Activities Jeff Jacobs and the administration, Bro. Williams began to post flyers on the campus to test for interest. Wortham was the first to respond. With the communication restored, Wortham worked diligently to increase Sigma’s exposure in order to recruit the required number of men to charter a new chapter.

 After the new brothers were initiated, during the next fall semester; the brothers submitted the necessary paperwork and the chapter constitution to the Office of Student Affairs for recognition as an organization on campus. They received the recognition on DATE. They were officially chartered as a chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. on November ??, 2001. The chapter name was to be the Beta Beta Beta Chapter, at Clayton State College & University. They received their charter in March of 2002 during the joint Sigma/Zeta State Conference in Macon, GA by Southern Regional Director Bro. Calvin B. Glover. Bro. Wortham asked the brothers of Lambda Sigma Chapter to stand. He asked President Bro. Kindle to step forward where we gave the charter to Lambda Sigma Chapter for display in the Sigma/Zeta Foundation.

The charter members and first elected officers of Beta Beta Beta Chapter are:

Bro. Cedric Roberts - President

Bro. Donald Wortham – Vice President

Bro. Jeron Glass - Treasurer

Bro. Jamal Stroizer – Financial Secretary

Bro. Alexander Clark – Corresponding Secretary


 The first initiates into Tri-Beta Chapter were initiated Sunday March 17, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. The name of their line is “The Odd Couple.”

 1. Bro. Lawrence Riddle - Disco

2. Bro. Wilbur Godfrey – Gomer Pyle 

The first advisor of the newly established chapter was Bro. Carlos Williams II, MA serving with him as Co-Advisor was Bro. Ronnie Norman. Their first faculty advisor was a long-time and very respected member of the school’s faculty Ms. Barbara Dantzler. The recommendation of Ms. Dantzler came from Bro. Roberts.  

These brothers laid the foundation of Tri Beta Chapter by establishing a chapter logo, attending conferences, conducting community service, having events, and supporting other chapters of Sigma and Zeta as well as the other greek letter organizations of the Pan-Hellenic Council.

These brothers encountered many obstacles from the very beginning that threatened the establishment of the new chapter but they persevered. Many told them it could not be done, that others greeks tried and failed.  They listened to none of this and endured the storm to become the first black greek-letter fraternity to be officially recognized by the university.  

They have only begun…the saga continues…Introducing Tri-Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.