The Treacherous Tri Beta Chapter



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Did You Know S's Were The...

First and ONLY Black Greek Letter Fraternity to establish a constitutional bond with a Sorority 
(Zeta Phi Beta)

First to establish a youth auxiliary program (Sigma Beta Club.

FIRST and ONLY Black Greek-Letter Fraternity to have one of its members on the face of a U.S. Coin. (George Washington Carver. The 1951 Half Dollar)

Only 2 African Americans have EVER 
been on the face of a US coin: George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington--who was 
not Greek 

PHI BETA SIGMA FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED can lay claim to not only supporting, but also sponsoring the Million Man March in its International Headquarters.

First to establish chapters in the Continent of Africa.

First to have Presidents of other countries in it's membership (Hon. Bros. Kwame Nkrumah, and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe).


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