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Here is a list of some members hobbies, projects or interests.

  • Geology - History is not just people, places and events.  Geology allows people to study the sands of time and how  the history of the world has changed.
  • Genealogy - Family research is a fascinating area for not only the professional researcher, but amatuers as well.  Knowing where one's family comes from and the events that intertwined their lives is great for the historian.
  • Astronomy - Many theorize that the universe had a beginning and ultimately have and end.  The history or the heavens is a fascinating field.
  • Archaeology - Another field that sifts the sands of time to learn of cultures and civilazations both remote and recent.
  • Architecture - Behind every building is a history.  Who made it, influences, and what became of it.
  • Art History - Some of the most amazing treasures in the world of art all have a history behind them.  This is a link to some resources available to search.

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Clayton State University History Department

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